Eric Dane Walker

Walker, EricEducation

B.S. Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Biochemistry Minor, Montana State University

B.A. Philosophy, Montana State University

M.A. Philosophy, University of Montana

Contact Information

Office: HMNSS 3214

Areas of Interest

Kant’s account of reason; Kant’s philosophy of mathematics; Frege’s philosophy of logic; Wittgenstein; existentialism and phenomenology; agency; history of early analytic philosophy


My research is guided by two interrelated aims. The first is to understand the nature of rules (norms, reasons, ideals, paradigms) and rule-following, insofar as it bears upon the philosophy of logic, mathematics, and science. I am also thereby led to topics in agency theory and theories of rationality. The other guiding aim is to paraphrase and defend those philosophers who seem to think that objective intelligibility in any domain is owed to our self-conscious, purposive, limited, and inescapably norm-bound point-of-viewishness, philosophers such as Kant, the existential phenomenologists, and others in the German Idealist tradition. These two aims come together in the project of explicating Kant’s account of reason—the nature of the ideas of reason, the role of the idea of the unconditioned, and the status of the categorical imperative.

Mark Johnson


B.A., Gordon College;

M.A., Yale Divinity School


Heinrik Hellwig


B.A. John Carroll University

M.A. Texas A&M University

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of law; causation in the law; general jurisprudence, tort law, and human rights


Heinrik Hellwig is interested in Philosophy of Law. His main research interest is Causation in the Law. More peripheral interests include general jurisprudence, tort law, and human rights. In his dissertation, he is undertaking to explore the numerous different doctrines of causation of the general part of criminal law and to explicate which of such doctrines accurately captures the causal requirement for liability that courts are actually applying in criminal cases.

Rebecca Harrison


B.A. Liberal Arts (Philosophy concentration), The New School

M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University

Contact Information

Areas of Interest

Phenomenology, especially Merleau-Ponty, and phenomenological approaches to perception. Both post-Kantian European philosophy and Philosophy of Mind more generally.


Rebecca Harrison is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at UC Riverside. She received her MA from Georgia State University, where she wrote an MA thesis entitled “The Failure of Desire: A Critique of Kantian Cognitive Autonomy in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.” Recently Rebecca has become especially interested in phenomenological approaches to traditional philosophical questions, particularly as regards perception, and the relationship between subject and world. Her current project focuses on Merleau-Ponty’s account of perceptual error, and of perceptual ambiguity more generally.

David Beglin

David BeglinEducation

B.A., University of Rhode Island

Areas of Interest

Moral psychology, agency theory, ethics


David is currently working on a dissertation about the nature of blame and moral responsibility. Central to this project is a lesson he takes from P.F. Strawson’s “Freedom and Resentment”: we can only understand these things by fitting them into a larger, human context, connecting them to our sociality and the other phenomena our sociality involves. This approach dovetails nicely with David’s general interests in moral psychology, agency theory, and ethics.
In addition to his interest in the foregoing topics, David has also worked on questions in the philosophy of death.

Zachary Bachman


B.A. UCSD 2009
M.A. Texas A&M 2011

Contact Information

Office: HMNSS 3307

Areas of Interest

Action Theory, Ethics, Moral Psychology, Epistemology


Zac’s primary area of research is on the nature and origins of normativity, both practical and epistemic, and how it is related to our agency and mind. My dissertation defends constitutivism, the view that morality is grounded in features constitutive of our agency.

I also have significant interest in applied ethics, especially climate ethics.

Visit my website for more information.


Stephanie Allen


B.A, Bard College

M.A., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Areas of Interest

19th and 20th Century Continental, Metaphilosophy, Pragmatism


Stephanie’s dissertation is on Simone de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity.