Funding & Financial Aid

While offers vary due to state funding constraints, the Philosophy Department generally provides up to five years of financial support to incoming Ph.D. students. This typically consists of a full fellowship the first year and TA appointments for several years after that. Students are encouraged to seek additional funding through other fellowships and grants.

Information on UCR fees and tuition can be found here.

For more information on financial aid, contact Andrews Reath, Director of Graduate Admissions for Philosophy, or visit the Graduate Division’s website.

Notice for International Applicants

International applicants should be aware that, as non-citizens who cannot become California residents, they will need to pay non-resident tuition. These fees amount to approximately $15,000 per year and are paid until the student advances to candidacy. (More information on fees can be found on the UCR Schedule of Classes website.)

In recent years, Graduate Division has allowed the Philosophy Department to make offers of admission to a small number of international students, but financial aid for these students has been limited. The main difficulty is that international students cannot qualify for California residency, and the department cannot cover the cost of non-resident tuition. Non-resident tuition amounts to at least $15,000 per year, and must be paid until a student advances to candidacy (which ordinarily occurs in the fourth year of the program).

International students must provide evidence that they can afford to pay non-resident tuition in order to be admitted.

Potential applicants are advised to inform themselves about the financial situation before applying and paying the $100 application fee.