Graduate Students

NameEmailAreas of Interest
Stephanie Allenstephanie.allen@email.ucr.edu19th and 20th Century Continental, Metaphilosophy, Pragmatism
Zachary Bachmanzachary.bachman@email.ucr.eduAction Theory, Ethics, Moral Psychology, Epistemology.
David Beglindavid.beglin@email.ucr.eduFree will, ethics, and phenomenology.
Taylor Cyrtaylor.cyr@email.ucr.eduMetaphysics, Ethics, Religion, Action, Mind, Logic
Tristan de Liegetristan.deliege@email.ucr.eduPhilosophy of Action, Moral Psychology, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Metaethics
Daniel Ehrlichdaniel.ehrlich@email.ucr.edu19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy
Kevin Ginkevin.gin@email.ucr.eduHistory of philosophy and phenomenology; logic, theories of truth, and the philosophy of language and logic.
Mara Garzamara@narziss.netEthics and mind, their intersections, and historical interests in Aristotle, Kant, and Nietzsche
Daniel, Existentialism, Philosophy of Language, Metaphilosophy
John and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Existentialism, and Nietzsche.
Victor Guerravictor.guerra@email.ucr.eduAgency, free will, and moral responsibility. Also interests in applied ethics and philosophy of race.
Rebecca Harrisonrharr008@ucr.eduKant & Post-Kantian German philosophy; Phenomenology (both historical and contemporary).
Heinrik Hellwigheinrik.hellwig@email.ucr.eduPhilosophy of law; causation in the law; general jurisprudence, tort law, and human rights.
Rotem Herrmannrotem.herrmann@email.ucr.eduPhilosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of cognitive science, bioethics.
Gregory Hertzgregory.hertz@email.ucr.eduGerman Idealism, Phenomenology
Young Kohykoh001@ucr.eduKant, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Gender
Andrew metaphysics, logic, epistemology, and philosophy of religion.
Daisy Laforcedaisy.laforce@email.ucr.eduBernard Williams, Nietzsche, History of Philosophy, and Moral Psychology.
Patrick Londenpatrick.londen@email.ucr.eduPhenomenology, and philosophy of psychology.
Lucas Luttmannlucas.luttmann@email.ucr.edu19th and 20th century European philosophy, especially Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, philosophy of Action, Phenomenology and Existentialism
Andrew MacDonaldandrew.macdonald@email.ucr.eduKant, German Idealism, Early Analytic Philosophy (including and especially Wittgenstein)
Maxwell McCoymaxwell.mccoy@email.ucr.edu19th and 20th century European philosophy, selfhood, moral responsibility, normativity and ethics
Meredith McFaddenmeredith.mcfadden@email.ucr.eduPhilosophy of Action and Moral Psychology; normativity, metaethics, and the human sciences.
Chris McVeychristopher.mcvey@email.ucr.eduEthics; habituation, our practices of praise and blame, and ancient philosophy.
Maxwell Murpheymaxwell.murphey@email.ucr.eduMetaphysics and epistemology of activity, agency, and spirit in Kant and Hegel.
Jonah Nagashimajonah.nagashima@email.ucr.eduMetaphysics, Free Will, and Philosophy of Religion.
Deborah Nelsondeborah.nelson@email.ucr.eduMetaethics, History of Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Action
Carlo Palombocarlo.palombo@email.ucr.eduEthics, Social and Political Philosophy
Jeremy Poberjeremy.pober@email.ucr.eduPhilosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychiatry
Micaela Quintanamicaela.quintana@email.ucr.eduMetaethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Religion
Sam Richardssam.richards@email.ucr.eduPost-Kantian European Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Adam Smith), Metaphysics, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind
David Shopedavid.shope@email.ucr.eduAgency (especially diachronic agency), Ethics, the normativity of content, Pedagogy, Kierkegaard, German idealism, and 20th century French philosophy.
Patrick RyanKant and Post-Kantian European Philosophy and moral psychology.
Shamoni Sarkar shamoni.sarkar@email.ucr.edu19th and 20th century continental philosophy, especially Hegel and phenomenology; aesthetics; critical theory; and a personal interest in Latin American philosophy.
Jared Smithjared.smith@email.ucr.eduMoral psychology, philosophy of action, ethics, metaethics, philosophy of psychiatry
Avery Snelsonavery.snelson@email.ucr.eduNietzsche, the philosophy of religion, the history of late modern philosophy, existentialism and epistemology.
Will Swansonwilliam.swanson@email.ucr.eduHistory of modern philosophy after Kant (especially Nietzsche, Bergson, and Heidegger).
Yvonne TamThe structure of normativity, especially in connection to metaethics, agency theory, practical reason, moral emotions, and epistemology.
Marek Twarzynski marek.twarzynski@email.ucr.eduEthics, meta-ethics, agency, epistemology, and philosophy of mind, and how these are treated in modern philosophy, especially in Kant, Nietzsche, Sartre, and Foucault
Eric Walkereric.walker002@email.ucr.eduKant’s account of reason; Kant’s philosophy of mathematics; Frege’s philosophy of logic; Wittgenstein; existentialism and phenomenology; agency; history of early analytic philosophy.
Akshay Ganesh