Abel Ang

BA in Philosophy, Yale-NUS College, Singapore, 2017
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Areas of Interest

19th and 20th century German Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche), Japanese Philosophy (esp. Nishitani), Metaethics, Value Theory, Moral Psychology, and Metaphilosophy.


Abel is primarily interested in questions about value and the valuable, as well as understanding the roles that they play in both our theories about the world and our everyday practices. He has found Nietzsche and Nishitani’s ideas about value and nihilism to be especially illuminating, and so he seeks to critically evaluate, respond to, and build upon their philosophical work.

He also has a secondary interest in thinking about the nature of philosophy, its value (if any), and how our implicit answers to these metaphilosophical questions impact how we philosophize and what gets counted as philosophy. Here too, he finds Nietzsche and Nishitani to be helpful: both as case studies and as explicit theorists on such matters.