Yvonne Tam


B.A., Colgate University

M.A., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Yvonne is interested in the structure of justification, moral theory, moral emotions, normativity, and practical reason. In particular, she spends a lot of time thinking about Kant’s theory of freedom and autonomy, the relational structure of the self, and the relationship between self-interest and the concern for others. She especially enjoys consulting the likes of Kant, Frege, and Nietzsche on these issues.

Philip Swenson


B.S. (History), Central Missouri University

M.A., University of Missouri, Columbia

Contact Information:


Areas of Interest:

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Agency and Philosophy of Religion


Philip is currently completing a dissertation on free will and moral responsibility in which he defends incompatibilism about responsibility and determinism. This involves responding to arguments against the principle of alternative possibilities, developing accounts of certain phenomena (such as the nature of an ability and the content of the blaming emotions or attitudes) that fit well with incompatibilism, and providing a new version of a manipulation argument against compatibilism. Along the way, he also takes up the problem of freedom and foreknowledge and explores some connections between punishment, moral responsibility and rights.


“Reasons-Responsiveness and Degrees of Responsibility” (with D. Justin Coates) Philosophical Studies (2013), 165, pp 629-645

“Ability-Based Objections to No-Best-World Arguments” (with Brian Kierland) Philosophical Studies (2013), 164, 669-683

“Skepticism about the Argument from Divine Hiddenness” (with Justin P. McBrayer) Religious Studies (2012), 48, pp 129-150

Will Swanson


B.A., English/Philosophy, Pomona College, CA, 2006

Areas of Interest

History of modern philosophy after Kant (especially Nietzsche, Bergson, and Heidegger)

Avery Snelson


B.A., Drury University, MO, 2007

M.A., University of British Columbia, Canada, 2010

Areas of Interest

Nietzsche; philosophy of religion; the history of late modern philosophy; existentialism; epistemology

Jonah Nagashima


B.A., Biola University

M.A., Northern Illinois University

Areas of Interest

Metaphysics, Free Will, and Philosophy of Religion.

Maxwell Murphey


B.A., Columbia University

M.A., UCRiverside


Max is working on the metaphysics and epistemology of activity, agency, and spirit in Kant and Hegel. He is also interested in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of biology, ancient philosophy, phenomenology, modality, meta-ethics, and the analytic-continental divide.

Chris McVey


B.A., University of Washington


Chris is primarily interested in ethics. Specifically, he is interested in how it is we come to be moral, and conversely why it is so many of us lose our moral way. In service to these larger questions, Chris enjoys studying habituation, our practices of praise and blame, and ancient philosophy.

Meredith McFadden

1-mcfadden picEducation

B.A., Beloit College

M.A., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Action; Moral Psychology


Meredith enjoys working on the normativity involved in practical reasoning and the relation between this normativity, metaethics, and the human sciences.

Patrick Londen


B.A. Columbia University

M.A. University of California, Riverside 2016

Areas of Interest

Post-Kantian European philosophy (especially Heidegger, Nietzsche, Sartre, Beauvoir, Merleau-Ponty), Phenomenology, Existentialism, Action and Agency theory, Ethics


Patrick’s current research focuses on conceptions of agency in the post-Kantian European philosophical tradition, especially in the work of Martin Heidegger.  Patrick’s dissertation brings Heidegger’s account of authenticity into dialogue with contemporary theories of action and agency, in order to explain why Heidegger thinks we should be authentic.  His other research and teaching interests include ethics, metaethics, practical reason, Ancient Greek philosophy, and analytical writing pedagogy.


Daisy Laforce


B.Sc., (Medical Chemistry), University of Ottawa, Canada, 2003

M.A., (Philosophy), Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2010

Contact Information


Areas of Interest

Bernard Williams; Nietzsche; History of Philosophy; Moral Psychology


Daisy’s academic interests began in organic chemistry. Bioethics, the philosophy of science, and (especially) Bernard Williams drew her into academic philosophy. Her research interests are now squarely in the humanities, particularly the history of philosophy.


“Bernard Williams on Knowledge and Objectivity,” Western Canadian Philosophical Association 2011 Conference.

“A problematic principle,” with L. Crawford and Z. Master, American Journal of Bioethics. 8:12 (2008), 40-42.

“Towards the library generation of natural product-like polycyclics by stereocontrolled diversity oriented synthesis,” with P. Arya, S. Quevillon, R. Joseph, C. Wei, Z. Gan, M. Parisien, E. Sesmilo, P. Reddy, Z. Chem, and P. Durieux, J. Pure and Applied Chem. 77:1 (2005), 163-178.

“A solution and solid phase synthesis of natural product-like tetrahydroquinoline-based polycyclic having a medium size ring,” with P. Arya, S. Couve-Bonnaire, P. Durieux, R. Kumar, and D. Leek,  J. Comb. Chem. 6:5 (2004), 735-745.