Coleen Macnamara



Associate Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information

HMNSS 3201
951-827-1511 (message phone)


Ph.D., Georgetown University, 2006

Areas of Interest

Ethics and Moral Psychology


Professor Macnamara’s research interests lie at the intersection of ethics and moral psychology. She is currently working on developing a theory of holding others responsible, explicating this activity’s conceptual core, typology, and ethics. In the recent past she taught a graduate course on deontic pluralism and is currently teaching undergraduate courses in bioethics and feminist bioethics.

Selected Publications

“Beyond Belief: Toward a Theory of the Reactive Attitudes,” co-authored with Elisa
Hurley. Philosophical Papers 39 (3) (2010): 373-99.

“Holding Others Responsible,” Philosophical Studies 152 (2011): 81-102.

“‘Screw You!’ & ‘Thank You,’” Philosophical Studies 165(3) (2013): 893-914.

“Taking Demands Out of Blame,” in D. J. Coates & N. Tognazzini (eds.), Blame: Its nature and
norms. New York: Oxford University Press (2013).

“Reactive Attitudes as Communicative Entities.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 88 (2) 2013).

“Blame, Communication and Morally Responsible Agency,” forthcoming in R. Clarke, M.McKenna & A. Smith (eds.), The Nature of Moral Responsibility. New York: Oxford University Press.