Daisy Laforce


B.Sc., (Medical Chemistry), University of Ottawa, Canada, 2003

M.A., (Philosophy), Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2010

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Areas of Interest

Bernard Williams; Nietzsche; History of Philosophy; Moral Psychology


Daisy’s academic interests began in organic chemistry. Bioethics, the philosophy of science, and (especially) Bernard Williams drew her into academic philosophy. Her research interests are now squarely in the humanities, particularly the history of philosophy.


“Bernard Williams on Knowledge and Objectivity,” Western Canadian Philosophical Association 2011 Conference.

“A problematic principle,” with L. Crawford and Z. Master, American Journal of Bioethics. 8:12 (2008), 40-42.

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“A solution and solid phase synthesis of natural product-like tetrahydroquinoline-based polycyclic having a medium size ring,” with P. Arya, S. Couve-Bonnaire, P. Durieux, R. Kumar, and D. Leek,  J. Comb. Chem. 6:5 (2004), 735-745.