Department Resources

The resources on this page are provided for departmental use;

Enrollment Verification Form

The Enrollment Verification Form is used to enroll in PHIL 290, 291, 297 or 299.

  • The form should be submitted no later than the first week of the quarter.
  • After completing the form, students should ask the instructor to sign it.
  • Once signed, the form is be submitted to Gerardo Sanchez, who will enroll the student in the course.

Proposition Form

The Proposition Paper Acceptance Form formalizes the dissertation committee’s approval of the student’s proposition.

  • After filling out the top portion of the form, the student should gather the signatures of the committee members.
  • The signed form is submitted to the Faculty Graduate Advisor, Andrews Reath, for final approval.
  • The completed form will then be placed in the student’s academic file.