Eric Dane Walker

Walker, EricEducation

B.S. Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Biochemistry Minor, Montana State University

B.A. Philosophy, Montana State University

M.A. Philosophy, University of Montana

Contact Information

Office: HMNSS 3214

Areas of Interest

Kant’s account of reason; Kant’s philosophy of mathematics; Frege’s philosophy of logic; Wittgenstein; existentialism and phenomenology; agency; history of early analytic philosophy


My research is guided by two interrelated aims. The first is to understand the nature of rules (norms, reasons, ideals, paradigms) and rule-following, insofar as it bears upon the philosophy of logic, mathematics, and science. I am also thereby led to topics in agency theory and theories of rationality. The other guiding aim is to paraphrase and defend those philosophers who seem to think that objective intelligibility in any domain is owed to our self-conscious, purposive, limited, and inescapably norm-bound point-of-viewishness, philosophers such as Kant, the existential phenomenologists, and others in the German Idealist tradition. These two aims come together in the project of explicating Kant’s account of reason—the nature of the ideas of reason, the role of the idea of the unconditioned, and the status of the categorical imperative.