These forms are for use by UCR Philosophy Department faculty and graduate students requesting reimbursements for approved costs* associated with events, supply purchases, and travel.


  • Print the form and fill it out completely.
  • Attach all original receipts and any other required documentation to your form.  Receipts must be itemized, with tax, tips/fees, total, and method of payment.
  • Send the form and original receipts/documentation to Roseanna Barron or Jessica Nosce in campus mail.
  • If you prefer, you may also submit digital scans of  forms and documentation by email to (The original receipts, if any, must still be sent in hard copy to Jessica Nosce.)
  • Retain a copy of your submission for your records.

*Most types of reimbursement require prior FAO or Chair approval. Check with your financial administrator if you are unsure if your planned expense qualifies for reimbursement.




Honorarium Form Submit this form to request the payment of an honorarium to a visiting speaker. A copy of the event flyer/public announcement and a W-9 for the guest is required.
W-9 Form  This federal tax form must be completed and signed by the visiting speaker, and attached to the Honorarium request.

Reimbursement Forms:

Entertainment Reimbursement Form Submit this form to request reimbursement for any meal or food-related purchases associated with an official event. Receipts and a list of all participants names and academic affiliation are required.
Entertainment Supplemental Guest List Form  For guest lists longer than 10 names, use this supplemental form.
General Reimbursement Form Use this form to request reimbursement of supplies/books/software/computer peripherals, etc. (Any non-food requests.) Original receipts required.
Travel Expense Reimbursement   Original receipts required.


Purchase Request Form   Submit this form to request that the department make a purchase of equipment or supplies on your behalf.
Declaration of Missing Evidence  Complete this form when original receipts are missing, incomplete, or illegible. Additional supporting documentation, such as credit card or bank statements, may be required as evidence of expenses.