Jared Smith


B.A., Philosophy/Religion, Political Science — Flagler College, 2011 Summa Cum Laude

M.A., Philosophy — University of Houston, 2014

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Areas of Interest

Moral psychology, philosophy of action, ethics, metaethics, philosophy of psychiatry


Jared focuses primarily on moral responsibility and agency, with some of his previous research concerning the way reactive attitudes feature into our responsibility practices, as well as the role revenge and retributive acts play in our normative systems.

While continuing to work on these topics, Jared also researches how psychopathology can inform our theories of personal identity, the theoretical requirements for the blame of distant, dead, or fictional entities, as well as the connection between human activity, value, and meaning. Other topics of philosophical interest include Humean constructivism, and the intersection and interplay between the nosology and ontology of mental disorders.