Jeremy Pober


B.A., Philosophy, Haverford College, PA, 2004

M.A, Philosophy, University of Maryland (College Park), MD, 2008

M.A., Philosophy, San Francisco State University, 2014

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychiatry


Broadly construed, Jeremy is interested in how the psychological basis of behavior relates to issues in action and agency theory. More specifically, he does work in the philosophy of psychology and psychiatry on natural kinds, psychological explanation, and the nature of mental illness. He also works in the philosophy of action and agency on issues in responsibility, self-control and autonomy, especially as they relate to mental illness, but also on theories of these concepts more generally. Additionally, Jeremy has interests in philosophy of mind in mental causation, the metaphysics of mental states, and reductive accounts of the mental. He occasionally dabbles in social ontology, causal theories of meaning, and general issues in the philosophy of science, as well as American Pragmatism and the history of analytic philosophy.

“Addiction is Not a Natural Kind” (2013) Frontiers in Psychiatry 4, 123.

“Is Addiction a Heterogeneous Condition? Reflections on Pickard’s ‘The Purpose in Chronic Addiction.'” (2012) American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience 3(2) 52-54.

In Progress (Inquire for Draft):

“Reasons-Responsiveness and Responsibility-Mitigating Factors”

“What (Psychologically Constructed) Emotions Really Are”