Philip Swenson


B.S. (History), Central Missouri University

M.A., University of Missouri, Columbia

Contact Information:

Areas of Interest:

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Agency and Philosophy of Religion


Philip is currently completing a dissertation on free will and moral responsibility in which he defends incompatibilism about responsibility and determinism. This involves responding to arguments against the principle of alternative possibilities, developing accounts of certain phenomena (such as the nature of an ability and the content of the blaming emotions or attitudes) that fit well with incompatibilism, and providing a new version of a manipulation argument against compatibilism. Along the way, he also takes up the problem of freedom and foreknowledge and explores some connections between punishment, moral responsibility and rights.


“Reasons-Responsiveness and Degrees of Responsibility” (with D. Justin Coates) Philosophical Studies (2013), 165, pp 629-645

“Ability-Based Objections to No-Best-World Arguments” (with Brian Kierland) Philosophical Studies (2013), 164, 669-683

“Skepticism about the Argument from Divine Hiddenness” (with Justin P. McBrayer) Religious Studies (2012), 48, pp 129-150