Rebecca Harrison



B.A., Liberal Arts (Philosophy concentration), The New School New York, NY, 2010

M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University, GA, 2012

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Research Interests

My primary area of interest is phenomenology, especially Merleau-Ponty’s work on perception. I am also interested in other Post-Kantian European figures, philosophy of perception more broadly, and feminist philosophy. I am currently working on a dissertation concerning whether Merleau-Ponty’s theory of perception can be considered a “realist” one. I am interested in what that unique variety of realism would look like, and what consequences it might have for enactivist theories of perception and for feminist epistemology.


Research Areas

Phenomenology, Post-Kantian European Philosophy, Philosophy of Perception, Feminist Philosophy


Recent Activity

I have presented my work at a variety of conferences, including several iterations of the Pacific APA. I was a visiting doctoral student at Oxford University for the Spring 2019 term.