Graduate Program


The Philosophy Department at UC Riverside is a nationally ranked program with a genuinely pluralistic emphasis. We have strengths in specific areas of analytic philosophy, 19th and 20th-century European philosophy, and the history of philosophy (especially the eighteenth and nineteenth century).

For the last several years we have been ranked near the top worldwide in Agency Theory (or Philosophy of Action) and in 19th/20th Century Continental Philosophy, and we have strengths in Kant, the philosophy of mind and language, epistemology, the history of analytic philosophy, moral theory, legal theory and philosophy of religion. There is a large amount of interchange among the different areas of strength in the Department and most faculty work in multiple areas.

Ours is a program where students can study both contemporary analytic and contemporary European philosophy, where there is a strong presence in the history of philosophy, and where no rigid barriers between these different areas of philosophy exist.

We have been quite successful in placing our Ph.D. students, and prospective students are invited to review our Placement Record.


Michael NelsonGraduate Admissions Director:  Oversees the graduate application and admissions process.  Admissions questions may be directed to Michael Nelson.

Coleen MacnamaraGraduate Program Director:  Oversees academic progress of enrolled graduate students, Teaching Assistant mentorship and evaluation, and Graduate Program management.

Perla FabeloGraduate Student Services Advisor:  Provides assistance with course registration, program requirements, Graduate Division policies, fellowship and employment matters; Monitors graduate student’s degree to normative time, and answers questions regarding graduate program policies and procedures.

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Office:  HMNSS 1604