Graduate Funding & Fellowships

The Philosophy Department generally provides at least five years of financial support to eligible admitted students.  Financial assistance consists of Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, Tuition Grants, and Health Insurance (GSHIP).

Tuition grants for domestic non-resident fees are provided to qualified out-of-state graduate students during the first year. Students are expected to establish residency by the end of the first year, after which time non-resident fees are not applied.

Students can obtain other forms of support by seeking external Fellowships, Fulbright, and Grants. Other forms of support are need-based and administered through the Office of Financial Aid.

For more information on Admission and Fellowships, contact Michael Nelson, Director of Graduate Admissions, or visit the Graduate Division’s website.

International Applicants

Admitted international students are also offered Fellowships that include non-resident tuition for at least five years.

We encourage international applicants to also apply for external funding, or through the Fulbright Program.