Harrah Prize in Applied Philosophy

The Philosophy Department invites submissions for the Harrah Prize in Applied Philosophy

Open to all UCR students, Graduate and Undergraduate

The prize is made possible by the generosity of Emeritus Professor David Harrah, who taught in the Department of Philosophy from 1955-1991. It is awarded annually to students on the basis of an essay submitted to the Department of Philosophy that demonstrates outstanding work in applied philosophy. The amount of the award is approximately $500.

'Applied Philosophy' is understood very broadly to include work that uses concepts, techniques, and results from philosophy but is directed at problems in other fields. Examples include, but are not limited to medical decision-making, environmental policy formation, foundational studies in mathematics or linguistics, and design of artificial intelligence systems. The work should be reported in an essay submitted to the Philosophy Department. The essay will be judged by the standards currently maintained in philosophy, as exemplified by mainstream philosophical journals such as, The Journal of Philosophy, Synthese, Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.

The prize will be awarded on the following basis:
The contribution the work makes in philosophy and in the other fields involved. If warranted, any year's prize may be split among several students, and divided proportionately according to merit.

Essays are normally due in May. The deadline will be announced every year in the fall quarter.

There is no length limit, but it is recommended that papers be the length of a normal journal submission (about 20-25 pages).  One submission only per student. Students wishing more information about the prize or about appropriate topics for submissions are invited to contact:

The Department Chair: Andrews Reath (


Annual Award Recipients



Shmuel Gomes


Joseph Bernardoni


Jonny Baker


Tom Hanuer-Rahavia
Jared Smith